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Tsukuba St. Patrick's Fes 2010

Thank you for coming to the parade yesterday!!
Today, the Festival is basically to be hold as scheduled, but can be cancelled when the weather got harder.
Keep warm and see you there!!

Enjoy the Irish Holiday!!! 
Tsukuba St. Patrick's Festival 2010
Date:27 Sat & 28 Sun March 2010 ...Parade on 27th, starts at 3:00pm
Venu:Tsukuba Centre Hiroba -next to TX Tsukuba Terminal 
 nearest parking underground, ¥200/h

Entrance Free  Participants and Volunteers welcome
(Sorry, could be cancelled when stormy weather...
 Will be announced here.)

 Timetable at the present

  27 March, Saturday
  11:30- Street of Dreams (clasic guitar&songs) 
  12:00- Hayasaka (acoustic)
  12:30- Yagurin (acoustic)
  13:00- The Fort of Aengus (ancient Irish play by Ballylee Theatre Society)
  14:00- Bagpipes
  14:30- Toyota Trio (Irish music)
  15:00- St.Patrick's Day Parade        
              with Euro Brass Banda 
              workshop for children at Q't square 
  16:30- Sakamoto Shota (acoustic)
 19:00- casual party at Grill & Bar East of Eden
        (no charge, cash on delivery, instruments welcome)

 28 March, Sunday
 12:30- yO'ceans (band) 
  13:15- The Fort of Aengus (ancient Irish play by Ballylee Theatre Society)
  14:00- Laughter (acoustic)
  14:30- Chikuwa Tomohiko (acoustic)  
  15:00- MaMa (acoustic)
  15:30- Street of Dreams (clasic guitar&songs) 
  16:00- Sakamoto Shota (acoustic)
  16:30- Mossan(acoustic)

   The Parade participants all welcome... Just come and join us!!!

  Our volunteer staff are needed for events... even one day staff will be welcome.
  If you'd kindly interested in, Please contast us from the form above.

  What's St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day, 17th March, is originally the memorial day of Ireland's patron saint, St. Patrick.
But now it is one of the world's biggest events in March, celebrated all over the world. 
People wear green, which is Ireland's symbol colour, and enjoy "being Irish", enjoy parades and many other events --- no matter what nationality they are.

Dublin St. Patrick's Festival
St. Patrick's events in Japan

Here in Tsukuba, we're having our 3rd St. Patrick's Festival--- a parade, music lives and an Irish play for everyone!!
Tsukuba St. Patrick's Festival 2009

Please contast us sending message for any questions. Thank you.


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